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Catch of the day | Saint Peter | Paddington


Australia, the great southern land, surrounded by some of the most pristine waters in the world. Home to an abundance of weird and wonderful species of all things scaley, finned and shelled, it truly is seafood lovers dream and head chef and owner Josh Niland's playground.

Saint Peter is an unassuming, brick-lined, narrow walled space that hosts an ever-changing menu of delights from the deep blue. It is playful, creative but foremost it is educating diners about sustainable seafood dining. And just as a heads up, there are no meat dishes on the menu. Not a beef steak in sight.

Hands-on Niland is anything but idle. He is instrumental from the initial stages of sourcing the produce from locally sourced providers to the finishing touches of dishes awaiting on the pas.


If ever there were an experience to persuade the taste buds on a non-seafood fan, this is the place. Take the Pambula sea urchin doughnut for example (not an original glazed in sight) with its simplistic light, golden dough topped with a creamy, delicate topping of sea urchin. Genius.


The origin of oysters is subject to seasonal changes, with the New South Wales South coast proving to be a popularly sourced bed. There is no fussing about, the focus here is on showcasing the produce as natural as possible.



Pairing natural produce with native ingredients is another clever Niland touch, with the raw Port Albert yellow eye mullet, diced, served with an egg yolk and an aromatic hint of native lemon.

The menu expands from classics like a revamped fish and chips to dishes which use weird and wonderful pieces of fish offal (think brains and livers) in new and inventive ways, ensuring nothing goes to waste.


Australian wines fill the one-page wine list with a diverse mixture of regions and varieties available. Select from delicate and fruity whites to lighter reds that compliment the seafood dishes.

A culinary journey under the sea, Saint Peter is a seafood experience that has captivated the tastebuds of Sydney-siders. Keep an eye on an upcoming neighbouring space which Niland plans to transform into a seafood store and cooking school.

362 Oxford St, Paddington NSW 2021

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