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Bowery, Katoomba, NSW


Unique, eclectic, and welcoming are just some ways to describe Bowery, a vibrant dining institute housed within an architectural marvel in the heart of Katoomba, Blue Mountains, NSW.

This isn’t just another restaurant trying to stand out from the crowd; this is a dining experience full of character, brought to life through meticulously selected decor and a menu that celebrates the seasons. The signature style of quirkiness and proficient hospitality style is evident, and that’s because Bowery is from the same crew who run the iconic Avalon Restaurant and Cocktail Bar on Katoomba’s main drag.


The building which houses Bowery was constructed in the early 1900s and was once St. Andrew’s church, a hall that boasts high ceilings, natural light beaming through stained glass, and an altar that houses some of the best local brews and boozes in town.

For those sunny days, sit under the parasols and bask in the sun, order a charcuterie board and treat yourself to one of the many imaginative or classic cocktails on offer. The outdoor section is also perfect for those with little folk, with a little contained cubby house in the courtyard waiting to be explored.

Take a moment to appreciate the finer details, like the birdcages in the stage section, the glorious peacock feathers glimmering in the sun and the wall of native bird portraits. This is one of the best places to have a game of good old eye spy, with so many decor details to admire.

Now to the serious stuff, the food. The menu is divided into a brunch/lunch menu and a dinner menu for the evening. The drinks menu is carefully designed to complement both food menus and supports a lot of local producers ( expect to find local legends like KARU distillery and Mountain Culture making appearances).

Brunch is a hearty selection of dishes like classic eggs benedict, brioche french toast, an avo-loaded hash brown and other meals that work with the seasons.

Moving onto lunch, expect to discover flavour-invoking combinations like the fish tacos, osso buco, and duck spring rolls. Well-thought out, generously served and executed with elegance.

The dinner menu is divided into small and big plates, with the consistent style of classics infused by a continental twist shaping the options. For those who prefer a more carnivorous feast, there are the lamb ribs, or for something a bit lighter, try the stuffed eggplant. Dessert, teas and coffee are also available to complete the evening.

There’s this inviting feeling of possibility when you visit Bowery. It has the air of casual cool for a lazy brunch, a coffee and cake with a friend by day that easily transcends into an evening of live music, a gathering of good friends and a bottle (or two) of something special shred over laughs and overdue catch-ups.

Bowery is a place that is memorable for all the right reasons. While its namesake may be new to the hospitality scene, its staff and approach are long-established legends who know how to create a good time. This is fast becoming a popular dining spot, so bookings are recommended. Be sure to check their upcoming live gigs, too, also listed on their website.


56-64 Waratah Street

Katoomba NSW 2780


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