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6 YouTube channels for armchair travel escapism

While the prospect of traveling overseas is off the cards for a while, it’s times like these I reflect and feel truly grateful for the travel I have experienced. It doesn’t mean to say that the wanderlust bug hasn’t been biting hard, it has, but I’ve found ways to still explore and feel like I am escaping.

One way I have been able to bridge that gap between visiting other places and find freedom from the everyday, is through watching invoking YouTube channels that take you right off the beaten track. Armchair travel is a thing, and to help you explore some new parts of the world with different perspectives and activities these are my pick of channels that you need to add to your playlist.

Come along for the ride with the Aussie and French duo, Leigh and Steph as they travel the world in their Land Rover Defender. What I love about these guys is their down to earth approach to traveling and their ability to really get involved with the places that they explore.

From towns in the Middle East and Russia to Japan and South-East Asia, the off-the-map places and stories they share are nothing you’ll find in a travel brochure. It’s inspiring and educational and makes you really realise how much is out there just waiting to be discovered.

Watch this when you’re feeling: the need to explore new cultures, try new street food and learn something new

Filmed mostly around the picturesque Berkshire region of Massachusetts, this is a life blog by young film artist, photographer and all round nice guy Kyle. From swimming in a stream to wild cross country skiing or the progress of building his cabin in the woods, this relaxed style and focus on every day activities quickly become the subject of romantic escapism.

The minimalist approach to living a sustainable and meaningful life are shared with his bubbly and loveable girlfriend Ally, as they share their DIY projects and cooking experiments in together in their cosy apartment.

Watch this when you feel like: getting in touch with nature and enjoying the simple things in life

Take a trip to the Irish countryside with the soothing voice of Niamh as she shares her daily life in her stunning garden and inviting 300 year old cottage. There’s a mix of peaceful, longer length videos that feature views and sounds of the garden (perfect for playing in the background when you need a pleasant escape) to videos on gardening tips and living a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Fairyland Cottage is all about taking it slow, preserving nature and being mindful of our daily activities and their impact. Feel inspired with cooking tips to eating in tune with the seasons and simple steps to focusing on self-care routines.

Watch this when you feel like: curling up next to the fire, escaping to the countryside while sipping a steaming herbal tea

The world is at your fingertips with this channel as you go along for the slow walks through an endless list of cities. There’s no narration, just the views as if you were walking through the town like a fly on the wall.

Some of my favouite cities I’ve gone on a virtual tour of include Munich, Prague and Stockholm. It’s a great way to revisit a city you may be craving to visit right now, or to explore somewhere new,

Watch this when you’re feeling: itchy feet to go off exploring the world

It’s no secret that I adore tiny houses, and when I found a channel that explores people living in tiny homes all over the world, I was hooked. This channel shares such a mix of different designs and living arrangements, that you can’t help but feel inspired.

From lux shipping containers to furniture free spaces, there are endless creative architectural adventures to explore. If you’ve always been curious about tiny homes and what it’s like to live off the grid in a small space, this is the channel for you!

Watch this when you’re feeling: the need for a change of pace and some inspiration to downsize and declutter

Ok I may be a bit biased with this one as it is partly my own. My husband and I started this channel a few years ago after family and friends would often ask us about the places we would escape to on the weekend, so we wanted to inspire others to get out there and enjoy their own backyard.

We share our camping expeditions, some of my cooking tips and places that truly make you feel like you’re a whole world away. Our videos are mostly based in New South Wales, but one of my favourites is our series when we visited New Zealand a few years ago.

Watch this when you feel like: camping under the stars and exploring stunning locations in this great southern land.

Have you got a favourite YouTube Channel that you like to escape with? I would love to hear it about, so please drop me a line or share it in the comments below.

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