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  • Chloe Grabham

Bookshop Cafe | Berry


I don't like to play favourites when it comes to places, but there is something about the New South Wales township of Berry that will forever win my heart. It's idyllic location, nestled between grassy green mountainous hills one side and a hop skip and jump to lapping sapphire waters of the Pacific ocean on the other, blends the best of land and sea.

When it comes to food, Berry is abundant with artesian bakeries, quaint cafes, and bespoke stores of homewares and gourmet pleasures all served with that countrified, down-to-earth swagger. What's not to love about this place?

Upon a recent visit, I stumbled into a new found heaven, finding two of my greatest loves, coffee and books in one very inviting book shelved location. Bookshop Cafe Berry is a bibliophile's dream, where one can enjoy a side of Carey with their cuppa, Shakespeare with a salad and Tolstoy with toast.


Take the time to fossick through the packed shelves and bookcases of second-hand books featuring a great selection of titles spanning from the classics to modern-day thrillers and Australian greatest authors.

There's plenty of nooks to find your happy place in here, with an open, minimalist gallery dining section inside which overlooks Queen Street, Berry's main drag. Out the back, you can pull up a chair under the canopy of trees, or take shelter inside the open shed like space that's adorned with you guessed it more books.



And yes, just to clarify, this is a cafe, and a mighty fine one at that. Just like its relaxed ambience, the menu reflects a casual, cool and something to appease all taste-buds. There are your comforting favourites of avocado, eggs on toast and seasonal fruits, but for something really different try the Scandi Breakfast platter, comprised of soft boiled eggs, rye, Cheddar and other seasonal delights.


Mix up the usual eggs on toast with the trout scrambled eggs, made with freshly smoked flakes of Tasmanian trout mixed with free-range eggs, sprinkles of dill served on sourdough toast.

For lunch expect generous sized plates of pesto pasta and the juicy towering steak sandwich, complete with housemade beetroot relish, wild rocket and a side of cheeky fries.

Freshly squeezed juices ( don't forget to ask for their juice of the day, often a creative and ingenious concoction) and mugs of steaming coffee, are best enjoyed with the company of friends, a wagging tail or the well-loved pages of a good read.



103 Queen St,

Berry NSW 2535

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