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Recipe- How to make labne


Making your own labne is an easy and rewarding cooking project that involves minimal equipment and ingredients. Perfect all year round, labne is that little bit of produce that is nice to have in the fridge and can be used as a change from butter on toast, as a dip with crackers or even as an accompaniment to curries.


This is a recipe which I used from the Cornersmith cookbook, a favourite in my household and a must buy for anyone who is wanting to learn how to cook rustic, grassroots styles of dishes, preserves and pickles.

What you will need:

1 kg natural or Greek style yoghurt

1 teaspoon of salt or salt flakes

Muslin cloth

a colander

A bowl

a heavy plate/ bowl something to place pressure on the labne and press out the whey


Combine the yoghurt with the salt mixing with a spoon


Line the colander with the muslin cloth and make sure there is a bowl underneath the colander to collect all the excess whey.


Place the yoghurt mixture inside the lined colander and making sure the mixture is completely covered with the cloth, tucking the corners in.


Once the mixture is covered, place a plate or bowl on top of the mixture. This will provide pressure and help with getting rid of the excess whey.


Press down and check on the labne ever few hours and letting the whey run off into the bowl.



Your labne should be ready in 24hours and will keep in a sealed container in a fridge for 2 weeks.

** Optional** store in olive oil with a bay leaf and black peppercorn

The excess whey can be used in salad dressings so don't throw it away!

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