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  • Chloe Grabham

Pizza jaffle, recipe

Oh the jaffle, it is one of the most loved comfort foods and for many a childhood staple. It has come a long way since the tinned spaghetti and baked bean fillings with many chefs taking it to a whole new level. This recipe simply marries two of my favourite meals as a kid, the jaffle and homemade pizzas.

Taking the simple formula of a jaffle ( two slices of large bread) and a filling of your choice, I took the best of pizza ingredients as the fillings.

For this recipe, I used the following, but use your own imagination and customise it to your liking (think leftover roast chicken, pulled pork, sausages etc).


* Pepperoni

* Hot Hungarian salami

* Pasta sauce

*Sun-dried tomatoes

*Mozzarella cheese

*Grated cheese

*Sliced black olives


* Freshly sliced bread

Simple layer the ingredients with tomato as the base on both inner slices, next with the cheeses and then the remaining ingredients.

Brush with melted butter to give it the golden edges.

Slice, serve and enjoy

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