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LP's Quality Meats- Chippendale


Prepare oneself for a bit of a sensory experience in the exploration of locating LP's Quality Meats. You could A) follow your nose to the source of the aromatic smokey infused air or B) dance along to the loud blaring beats of retro ballads like Baker Street and Fox on the run.


Once there; you will find a little piece of deli-inspired, meat-centric, a vegan's idea of hell behind the mystique of plain clad automatic wooden doors. Its location doesn't waive any red flags of flash neon lights; it's simply nestled on the ground level of a building, down a narrow side street on the right side/ not yet overdeveloped side of Chippendale. Uncomplicated.


Everything about this buzzing dining room yells " designed to share" with the long timber communal tables adorned with a collection of plates filled with handsome slabs and slices of meats joined in flavour matrimony with glistening bowls of emerald green veggies. Hanging pots of green plants give a slight jungle feel, while the interactive backdrop of natural theatrics plays out from the open style kitchen. There truly is something mesmerising about watching a meat slicer in action, trust me.


It's all about the meat here, and not your sangers on the BBQ style of meats, these are house-cured, smoked and crafted cuts, the serious stuff. Expect unusual delicacies with the craftiness of head chef Luke Powell at the helm, bringing a special kind of left-of-centre magic when it comes to crafting the menu ( think deep fried pretzels, fermented sausages and Canadian maple syrup inspired desserts).

The Menu

Divided into:

  • Cured and cold cuts

  • Starters

  • Meats

  • Sides

  • Desserts

Not starting with cured and cold cuts would be a bit like going to an amusement park and not going on any start with a few to peck on ( 1-2 shared between two people is perfect). The summer sausage is infused with spices and smokiness and goes a treat with the sourdough and butter. The mortadella and bologna are worth a try too.

The starters list is full of inventive and interesting combinations like the Steak tartare, avruga ( it's a substitute for caviar) and pretzel cracker. The high-quality steak is sliced to in fine pieces topped with a pristine yellow egg yolk, gherkins and onion. The deep-fried crispy pretzel is a nice twist on the traditional accompaniment of crusty bread.


If you were to close your eyes and taste it, you would not guess that one of the most flavoursome, unique and must-order dishes is nothing other than.....drumroll please..beef tongue. This misunderstood and often wasted cut of meat is served with a smoked beef fat vinaigrette and is a light dish that really packs a punch in the flavour stakes.


Don't forget to check out the wine list too which features a diverse geographical gathering of natural and rare varieties from across the globe. Beers, cocktails and the usual suspects also make an appearance.

Narrowing down what to have as a main is one of the obvious challenges, with every dish bringing something equally individual and dissimilar in character as the next. The porchetta is three pieces of rolled pork belly rolled with just the right amount of fennel, chilli and garlic. Roasted with the right amount of crunch on the outside and a tender centre, you may just struggle to share this one.

Other standouts include the smoked beef short rib, the smoked sausage and for the truly carnivorous the 1kg T bone steak.


For that little bit on the side, the asparagus with broad beans, ricotta and mint is a clever mix of crunch, creaminess and a balance of flavours that ties in well with whichever choice of meat selected. The hearty potato gratin is also worth a try as is the light and enticing green leaf and pecorino salad.


Desserts have something for everyone with gelato's; classic French-inspired creme caramel and regularly changing specials.

All in all LP's Quality Meats is a fun place that offers generous feeds, friendly waitstaff that know their stuff and an all round chilled vibe. The communal energy of the space adds to the laid-back nature because at the end of the day/night we are all there for the same reason; to enjoy some mighty fine, good meats right?

Unit 1, 16 Chippen Street


Open Tue-Sat

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