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  • Chloe Grabham

Have you met Penrith's Percy?

Penrith is fast becoming a hub of attractive dining delights, in particular when it comes to cafes. Percy Plunkett is the latest addition to throw their hat in the hospitality arena and is enticing appetites throughout Western Sydney and beyond.

The name Percy Plunkett is much more than just a name of one of Penrith's favourite cafe dining destinations, it is a tribute, honouring one of the owners of the heritage cottage built in 1866, affectionately known as Kentucky'''which the cafe now resides in.

Those with a love for design will appreciate the decorative eye-candy crafted by award-winning interior designer Matt Woods. Making the most of the original and historical fittings, the space is light and bright and full of charm. The main corridor is transformed into conservatory where beams of sunshine travel through the sky light, illuminating the vibrant array of potted colour.

Attention to detail and creativity is a theme which can also be found on the plate. Serving a modern Australian all day menu with European accents, Percy Plunkett serves up a cosmopolitan range of dishes from breakfast to afternoon tea.

One of their most iconic (and Instagram worthy) is the deep dish pancake. Golden, fluffy and pretty as a picture, this is one for the sweet tooths, served with a butterscotch sauce, white chocolate mousse, caramelised banana, fresh berries and a sprinkling of crushed pistachios on top.

A more savoury endeavour is the hardy and filling slow cooked lamb eggs benny. A generous size of tender, pull apart lamb thats been slow cooked with love, paired with a light paprika infused hollandaise sauce and roasted herb potatoes.

For a light and healthy meal opt for of the bowls, featuring flavour combinations like the green breakfast bowl, poached chicken salad or the flaked smoked salmon with soba noodles.

Go all American and order reg's Reuben sandwhich with corned beef and a trusty side of thick cut chips or try the smokey Texan cheeseburger which takes burgers to the next level of flavour.

Drinks feature coffee by Mothersky and a range of teas crafted by Love tea, with fresh juices, smoothies and home-made soda available too!

Making the most of the garden green, the outdoor dining area is great for the warmer months and for those with little ones. Blankets are also available, instantly turning your dining experience into a glamorous picnic adventure.

There's a reason why people are queuing out the door, make tracks to this Western Sydney gem today and see what all the fuss is about!

Reservations can be made online for groups of 5 or more.

Percy Plunkett

146 Station Street

Penrith, NSW 2750

02 47 218947

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