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  • Chloe Grabham

You won't find Captain Jack Sparrow at this Black Pearl


You won't find Captain Jack Sparrow at this Black Pearl.....

But it is full of about the same amount of charm and is one of those bars that is all about exploring a collection of creative cocktails that are well worth commandeering and after recently been awarded best International cocktail bar there is no wonder why Black Pearl, Fitzroy has won the hearts of the people.

Enter a dimly lit long room, cushioned with plush banquet style seating that lines the wall while the reflection of candles flickering creates abstract shapes on the ceiling. Gaze your eyes upon the bar that is a technicoloured myriad of bottled goods from the neon glow of green Tanqueray and the unmistakable shimmer of Aperol; all just waiting to be shaken, strained and stirred.



By all means, this is anything but " just another trendy" cocktail bar, this is a team of passionate purveyor's who seek and source their recipes for the next inventive concoction with the art and precision of Escoffier fused with a tad of Einstein madness, and it works like a dream.

The menu is printed with a reminiscent nod of the hat to vintage travel postcards, with catchy illustrations that tie together the theme of holidays, flights and places afar, with many of the cocktails keeping with the escapism theme inspired by exotic destinations and their ingredients.


Let the fusion of Japanese whisky and the bitey bitter hints of suze take you to the pulsing streets of Japan with the Harajuku Highball. One of the most unsuspecting and florals hints of flavour is that which comes from the use of pandan, leaving a slightly sweet aftertaste that is mellow and unexpected.

Panacea, affectionately named after a solution which is meant to act as a remedy for all diseases and difficulties ( in moderation of course) is a sharp mix of Johnnie Walker Black Label, some citrus, turmeric, fig and some pepper for good measure. Unlikely friend flavours that get along like a house on fire.


If it's a bite to eat that you seek to accompany your vogue through the cocktail seas, check out the kitchen menu which is full of bar snacks that are a cut above your usual warmed almonds with the signature Marianne's sausage rolls a must try.


Black Pearl has all the right reasons to be pretentious with bragging rights and awards that roll on like the credits for Ben Hur, but it's not. It has all the warmth and friendliness that you would find in the local corner pub, only wearing a scrappy dapper jacket and holding a strainer in one hand.

304 Brunswick St, Fitzroy VIC 3065

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