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Easy camping cooking | Recipe Healthy chicken wraps

Camping is a great way to leave the mundanity of everyday life and to get back in touch with nature. Keeping it simple and back to basics is one of the appeals of camping cooking, while you don't need to pack a hoard of ingredients, it doesn't need to be boring either!

This recipe is a crowd pleaser and doesn't involve a monumental task of preparing or skills to produce a flavoursome and impressive fireside cook up.

Make zip-lock bags your friend. I cannot recommend this enough! They are a great way to get all your prep done, throw into the esky and all ready for cooking once you get to your campsite, giving you more time to go and explore the tranquil surrounds!


500gm free-range chicken thigh fillets

1/4 a bottle of Franks hot sauce

1 Juice of 1 lime

1/2 tsp sea salt

Ground pepper to taste

3 fresh chilis sliced thinly

4 onion shallots sliced

2 fresh tomatoes

A packet of salad mix

A packet of wraps

1 lemon

Can of spray oil


  1. Slice the chicken thinly, place in a ziplock bag marinating in the hot sauce, lime juice, sea salt, pepper and chilis. Marinate for at least 2hrs, preferably overnight

  2. Chop the tomato and shallots together and place in a zip lock bag

  3. Heat up a frypan over a gas camp stove at a moderate heat

  4. Spray the frypan with the oil

  5. Cook the chicken in batches and place to the side

  6. Clean the pan and place the wraps in the frypan till just heated through

  7. Assemble the wraps with the chicken, salad, shallots and tomato, with a sneeze of lemon to add zest

  8. Wrap, put on a plate, grab the camp chair, find a spot with a view and enjoy!

This recipe is my recent trip to the Cox's River, off the Six Foot Track in the Blue Mountains National Park in New South Wales. While it was a scorcher of a day, I didn't do the track but did explore the nearby Bowtells Swing Bridge and the stunning crystal clear waters of the Cox's River.

Details on how to get there can be found here

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