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Thievery- Review-Glebe

Glebe Point Road is home to an eclectic mix of dining adventures, from aromatic curries, freshly rolled pasta and Czech dumplings; but if it is the lively flavours of Lebanese street food you desire make way to Thievery.

Ok so I admit that finding it at first wasn't as easy as I expected, with my google maps open and walking right past ( twice), the minimal signage is replaced by a glowing fluoro purple cross which marks the spot- tip: look out for the cross.

It's a laid back space that is dimly lit and filled with tables and benches, seated with high bar chairs, exposed brickwork and not an artwork in sight. This is the type of design that creates a blank canvas where you could easily be anywhere in the world, eating any type of cuisine.

The bar is open along the wall and is a lustrous feature of bottles from wines to unique spirits just waiting to be transformed into one of the signature Thievery cocktails.

Where to start with the menu? On offer you will find a mixture of modern takes on Lebanese food served in a sharing tapas fashion. There is a chefs menu which features nine vegetarian courses or for a real feast go for the 11 courses.

On this visit, I ordered a spectrum of dishes to try a bit of everything starting with the warmed mozzarella- creamy and jazzed up with fig jam and flakey golden bread. The Nayyeh is a clever twist on the traditional Lebanese dish kibbeh, taking all the best bits marinated diced meats, punchy herbs and spices topped with crispy ends.

For those of you unacquainted with LFC, let me introduce you Lebanese fried chicken, crunchy golden pieces of tender chicken fried and served with crispy pickle slices and oregano, garlic sauce. This is one of Thievery's signature dishes and for a good reason!

BBQ octopus is full of char-grilled flavour and is matched with a quirky flavour black garlic sauce that is rich and dark. The red cabbage fattoush is a light and fresh accompaniment which goes well with all the meatier dishes.

Balanced and diverse the wine list is flexible and researched to pair well with the selection of dishes, with quirky Spanish reds to fruitier Aussie varieties, and if unsure just ask the approachable team of waitstaff who will be more than happy to share their recommendations.

This is a fun place, a place you come with friends to celebrate and share funky street food over a cocktail or two with Outkast playing on the stereo and the life of Glebe Point Road plays a backdrop through the large front windows.


91 Glebe Point Road


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