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  • Chloe Grabham

The Wollongong pizza restaurant you 'knead' to visit

There is a seachange which has swept through the steel city; with once uninviting looking laneways now playing home to some of the most hippest restaurants, surrounded by brick walled car parks now fabulously adorned with bright street art, an all round edginess that is alluring draws you back for more.

With what seems to be the start of a new-age renaissance of Wollongong's dining and bar scene, one Italian restaurant is breathing a new lease of life into all things, Bellissimo, baked and drizzled with olive oil. Kneading Ruby, located at 5 Crown Lane ( blink, and you miss it) within a revived, edgy light industrial space, is the place to wine and dine.

Full of personality there are hanging pots of ferns hanging from the high timber beamed ceiling and a birds-eye view into the roaring pizza kitchen, where the dough is stretched with skill and precision.

This is where you want to come with a group, order and taste your way through the menu sharing dishes of zucchini flowers with truffle oil topped with shavings of pecorino, and the signature garlic bread served as a dissected cob loaf with a pouring of hot melted garlic butter.

If you're not in the mood for pizza, fear not. There is a great range of pasta, seafood and salad dishes, and even a kids menu for the little ones. The signature pizzas are signature for a reason. A thin, crispy base topped with 3-4 ingredients creates a simplistic combination of high-quality flavours that sing in harmony.

The margarita of San Marzano, bufala, and basil sticks to the fine art of the basics, while the other classics are given a revamp with the inclusion of pine nuts, burrata and porcini mushrooms.

Choose your weapon of choice from local craft brews and ciders, whilst the cocktail menu is fun and playful, which sums up the overall ambience of this hidden city treasure.

If this is a taste of the Gong's restaurant future, then expect some very quirky and exciting this space.

Who? Kneading Ruby

Where? 5 Crown Lane, Wollongong

When? 12-3pm (Friday, Saturday & Sunday),5pm-10pm (Sunday, Tuesday & Wednesday),5pm-11pm (Thursday), 5pm-12am (Friday & Saturday)

How to book? 02 4229 782902 4229

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