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  • Chloe Grabham

Visit New York without leaving Sydney- Eastside Bar & Grill

The bustling Kensington Street precinct in Chippendale, Sydney is a sensory overload of international flavours. One moment you can sipping cocktails in an old terrace house serving up gin just like they do in London, take a few steps behind and find yourself in Spice Alley, transporting you straight to the hawker stalls of Singapore. But for today's culinary trek I am heading straight to the meatpacking district of New York.


Located in The Old Rum Store, Eastside Bar & Grill is serious about its meats- the first thing you see behind the counter is a cabinet of dry aged, glorious cuts of hanger, striplions and ribs. This is not one for the vegans. Carnivores, sharpen the knives.


Lighting is dim, the bar well stocked and the vibe of a trendy Manhatten bar is in the air. There is a real art to recreating a certain culture, a feel or even a flavour from the other side of the world, but for once I feel like I am in New York, in Sydney.


A chefs tasting menu is always my go to. I like to be able to get a taste of everything, and this is another impressive selection of small to medium sized dishes.

The starter is a snack of Iggy's sourdough and housemade butter, followed by creamy Sydney Rock oysters dressed with a vinaigrette and vibrant dash of tobiko roe.


The contrast of light and zesty seafood dishes create a balance of flavours amidst the richer meatier main and creamy dessert. Moving onto the next course-The kingfish sashimi with tigers milk and jalapeno's has just the right punch of spice and citrus and is one of the standouts of the menu.


Between chowing down on elegantly plated meals, take the time to appreciate the use of varying shapes, colours and textures of the ceramics, adding a natural backdrop to the dishes. Simple, stylish, very New York.

Now for the meat. A 300g striploin comes out sliced with chunky hand cut fries and a moorish side of truffle mayo. It's an ideal serving size that doesn't leave you feeling heavy or unsatisfied, needing to stop for a cheeseburger on the way home.


Cleanse the palate with the icy fruitiness of sorbet before settling in with dessert. There are two options with the chef's menu, the hazelnuts parfait with chocolate ice cream or for something a bit extra try the "Fire & Ice" presentation, an elaborate treat for the sweet tooths at the table.


Take a trip to the big apple without the15hour flight and jet lag! Ideal for group gatherings, date night or flying solo, add Eastside Bar & Grill to your dining destination list.

The Old Rum Store

Level 1

2-10 Kensington Street

Chippendale, NSW 2008

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