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  • Chloe Grabham

Recipe: Vegetarian deli quiche tart


Think of all the best things about an antipasto board, the pitted green olives, roasted and marinated vegetables and of course the cheeses. This recipe for vegetarian deli quiche takes all the best bits of a deli-style antipasto board and turns them into a golden flaky quiche tart filled, perfectly served with a side of salad.

Using fresh vegetables the brush of vino cotto, garlic and olive oil gives the vegetables that delicious marinated vegetable flavour.



2 sheets of puff pastry

2 cups of chargrilled vegetables: in this recipe, I used mushrooms, zucchinis and eggplants

3tbs olive oil

1 clove of garlic

3tbs of vino cotto

1 tbs of caramelised red wine vinegar

2/3 cup of milk

1/2 cup of cream

3 free-range eggs

1 cup of grated cheese

Salt and pepper to taste

A handful of chopped pitted olives

2 tbs of feta

Fresh chopped seasonal herbs ( chervil, parsley, rocket)


Pre-heat the oven at 200c

Grease and line a flan tin with the two sheets of puff pastry


Once the oven is preheated place the flan tin in the oven with baking beans or rice place on baking paper in the middle of the tart

Slice the garlic thinly and add the olive oil, salt and pepper to taste and the vino cotto



Slice all the vegetables thinly and brush with the vino cotto mix, do not cook the tomato slices


Put a griddle pan on high heat, grease and cook the vegetables in batches till cooked through and charred with grill lines, sprinkle the caramelised red wine vinegar over the cooked vegetables



Once the 15minutes are up, take the flan tin out of the oven and turn the oven down to 180c

Whisk together the egg, milk and cream with salt and pepper to taste


Place the vegetables along the base of the flan

Add the grated cheese on top of the vegetables and pour the egg mixture over

Top the mixture with the fresh slices of tomato, olives and feta cheese


Place the flan back in the oven and cook for 30min or until golden and the mixture is set in the middle

Once the mixture is cooked top with the fresh herbs


** for high-quality vino cotto and caramelised red wine vinegar visit Vintage Valley Reduction sauces here

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